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Complaint: On October 23, 2004 My wife and I purchased a 2003 Iron Eagle Phantom from Yamin Motorcycle. We were told by Steve Yamin that Wright Patt Credit Union ( the financial institution that Steve Yamin suggested we use ) would receive the title in a couple of weeks. When I got the motorcycle home I decided to check out what I could , battery acid level, oil tank level etc, etc. That’s when I found out that there was no oil in the oil tank. I flushed the engine myself and put new oil and filter in, and decided as long as the motorcycle ran good, I would not say anything. ( big mistake ) Shortley there after we started having problems with the motorcycle, since Steve Yamin had already told us if we have any problems, to bring the motorcycle back and he would have it fixed. I really did not have much time to ride because of work and other obligations, and when finally I did, I found the speedometer did not work, and the brake light would not turn off. My wife and I then took the motorcycle back to Yamin, and told him of the problems. He told us to leave the motorcycle, and he would have it repaired. When we went back to pick up the bike ( after Steve Yamin told us it was ready ) I did not think to test the bike, I just assumed it was fixed, after all Steve Yamin told us it was. WELL, half way home I noticed the speedometer was not registering the actual speed ( it was about 20 m.p.h. off, and the brake light still stayed on all the time. Realizing that taking it back to Yamin for even things like this was futile, I decided to take care of it myself. In the meen time the title still has not reached our credit union. At least every other week, if not every week, my wife and I would contact Steve Yamin, and every time he would tell us some thing different about why the title is not where it was supposed to be. Months go by and my wife and I finally get time to go riding, and low and be hold just as we reach Kemah , the bike just up and quit running, and no matter what I did it would not start. We had to get some friends of ours to help get my truck to take the bike home. While we were waiting for a truck, a man came by on a bike and stopped to see about the bike. We came to find out that this man was the previous owner of our bike, and he was being seud because , he said, when he traded the bike in to Yamin, that Steve Yamin did not pay off that loan and his financial institution still had the title. STEVE YAMIN KNOWINGLY SOLD US A MOTORCYCLE THAT DID NOT BELONG TO HIM. Now the attourney for that credit union started calling me, saying we need to Give the bike . Well we decided to take the bike back to Yamin, and we did. After a lot of debating about how to solve this my wife and I agreed to trade it on another bike. And we did, since Steve Yamin told us he would not give us our money back, for a bike he had no right selling to anyone in the first place. Well guess what !?! Now another month has gone by ( that’s TEN MONTHS total) since we had the miss fortune of meeting Steve Yamin and Steve Yamin Still Has not payed of the loan on the first bike, which he said he would do the very week we did the trade. And as far as our new bike is concerned, well, They had takin the speedometer off the bike before we took position of it. Steve Yamin told us the one that was on it was to short. Remember now. This is supposed to be a NEW Motorcycle, and the chrome on the exhaust pipes , is peeling off. Steve Yamin did finally meet me to give me a new speedometer cable, It was on his way to Galveston, my wife and I agreed to meet him by I-45, all Steve Yamin had to do was exit the freeway and we were right there. My wife and I on the other hand had to drive out there to meet him. And we both once again had to leave work, to do this. I forgot to mention that just about every time we went to Yamin to find out about where the title is, either she or myself had to take off work to do so. To sum up everything, now my wife and I have a loan out on an Iron Eagle Phantom that we do not own. Steve Yamin did give us a check to send to the credit union, and geuss what !?! IT BOUNCED, not only did it bounce, IT BOUNCED TWICE. The loan officer , after talking to my wife held the check a few days, Steve Yamin told us it would go thru. But, it bounced again. Then Steve Yamin told my wife and I that he was going to do a wire transfer, or something like that , well low and behold, he DID NOT DO THAT EITHER, and even had enough nerve to tell my wife it’s the credit unions fault, not his. My wife is in constant contact with our loan officer, and she assures us its not their fault. STEVE YAMIN HAS DONE NOTHING BUT LIE TO MY WIFE AND I FROM THE START. As I said before, now my wife and I are paying for a bike we don’t have, I have been supeinud, by the attourney for the other credit union ( from the previous owner). And the chrome on the exhaust pipes on our so called brand new bike is still peeling. Steve Yamin still has not furnished us with replacements. Im sure he will have another lie for that to. In closing I would like to say this. IF ANY ONE DOES DECIDE TO DO BUISENESS AT YAMIN MOTORCYCLE, GROWING EYES IN THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD, AND TWO CHASTITY BELTS MIGHT NOT BE A BAD IDEA, ONE FOR THE FRONT AND ONE FOR THE BACK, BECAUSE THIS MAN WILL GIVE IT TO YOU COMING AND GOING , AND NOT EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT IT. Calvin Webster, TexasU.S.A.

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