WritersCafe.org Complaint


Aside from being a very poorly run site full of flakey webmasters and moderators, this is a bad site to belong to for any aspiring writer. At one time, it may have been trying to be something great for new writers’ exposure – like SoundCloud or Bandcamp for musicians. But it is clear now from the abundance of scam literary journal requests that this is nothing more than a slightly more sophisticated version of poetry.com. It’s a shame how so many websites aimed to help new writers devolve into this pathetic scam for paid compilations. If you’re new to the scam, it goes like this… I want to publish you in a new, beautifully bound, literary journal. All you have to do is buy the book! See what I did there? For all new writers looking for resources online, I wish I could be of more help. Writerscafe.org might help you feel better about yourself for a little while, and perhaps you’ll make a friend or two, but ultimately if you want to take this seriously, this site will cause more harm to your reputation than good.

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