Wisetronics.com South Florida Florida Review


SCAM SCAM SCAM, I tried to buy a Sony DSC-W200 for a great deal. I saw online warnings about wisetronics.com, but I thought I could beat the SCAM! But, I learned my lesson the hard way!! Big Scam, very well planned one. This is how their SCAM works; You WILL order a very cheap camera, then you will have to call them to confirm your addrs and credit card info, then the scam start!! They try to use bait and switch by trying to sell you very overpriced expensive ridiculous items, such as batteries and memory cards! I refused them all and my order was claimed as “backorder””

just beacuse I didn’t buy the extra you know what! This is consumer fraud!!! FRAUD FRAUD and SCAM SCAM!!!! Ralph nNOW YOU KNOW!! and don’t be stupid like I was. nRalphnSouth Florida


New York U.S.A.


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By Sam Lala