William or Lesa Faraci New Oxford Pennsylvania


Complaint: Wife Lesa had credit card issues and required help. In 2014, we entered into an agreement with Berges Law Groug to help get promised debt reief. At the time we did a Better Business Bureru background check and Berges Law Group at that time was classified as a sound organization. Berges Law Grouprequired that all correspondence with creditors be made directly through the law group and pass on all debt correspondence to the Berges Law Group. Berges Law Group made promise to contact all crediors and make update correspondence with me. During 2014 and 2015, Berges Law Group was making calls to me updating me as to their progress. The Berges Law Group, calls made it appear the Berges Law roup was making progress. All but 2 debts seemed to be resolved or desolved. In year 2016, we received a call from Berges Law Group claiming they were transfering the account to another associated/partnered Law group Omni. Berges Law Group claimed their licence in Pennslyvannia was no longer valid and Omni was able to continue the contract as entered. During 2016, we were only contacted 2 times by Omni, not like the monthly contacts by the Berges Law Group. We were contacted in February 2017, and Omni reported that they were not getting any responses from the 2 remaining creditors. PESCU (United Collection Bureau, Inc.) or Capital One Bank (JH Portfolo Debt Equities LLC. I was asked also to porvide a updated personal credit report. I tried to contact Omni to send them the reports but got no responses. All I got was busy signals on my phone and no message (text) responses i was my usual form of contacting. William & Lesa have made contractual monthly payments of $250.00 since 2014, to a banking subcontracor/account management group, RAM Services (Reliant Account Management) for an esimated amount of $9,900.00. I tried every 2 weeks to contact Omni because of the 2 debtors mentioned above were still sending notices. Last week I called both Berges Law Group and Omni with the only phone numbers I have. I have listened to a recording that someone is talking so fast I cant write down the correspondnce numbers or names to contact. The message mentions that there is a judge who has another judge in charge of all correspondence and to leave a message and because of the phone volumn, someone will contact me within 5 days, no one has. I did contact Credit Control, LLC a collector for JH Portfolio (Capital One) and they informed me that both Berges Law Omni are in receivership. They asked if I was wiling to pay the balance due, I responded “No””

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Address: due to the contract with Omni and informed Credit Control

Website: they refused. I have immediatly stopped making future payments to RAM and am now escrowing any of the remaining contractual payments of $275. 00

Phone: I would have to claim bank ruptcey and we could not afford to pay. Credit Control offered a 60% settlement

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