Whiteside Machine Company Review


Router bits are an attractive business proposition for several companies and Whiteside Machine Company is no exception. This is a segment which not only caters to the business side of things but also professionals, hobbyists and many more. Now, in this context, it should be mentioned that several businesses market themselves or make themselves more appealing to the eyes of consumers by claiming particular aspects in their commercials on television or radio segments or even their print advertisements, online banners and everywhere else.

Many companies talk about their quality and durability which is all the more important in a field such as this while some double down and talk about their experience, number of years in the industry, particular materials used and USPs as we have seen over the years. Some, on the other hand, seek to stoke a kind of regional or national sentiment amongst prospective buyers when it comes to their products. What happens is that the product sales become a by-product of sorts since people automatically end up endorsing the stance taken by the company and buy its products from a sense of national/regional pride. Imagine a local product that advertises its made-in-Wisconsin identity in Wisconsin. It would be flooded with orders as customers take pride in something being made at home.

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By Sam Lala