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My home air conditioner was using excessive electrical power. Whipple Company was advertising a service call for $49.00. Two technicians came out on 8/29/12. Their first comment was that the unit is old, out of warranty and cannot be fixed because there are no repair parts available. They took an electrical current reading and showed me a number which they said was twice as much as the unit should be drawing. Therefore, the compressor was faulty. I had to insist that they check the refrigerant level and it was found to be low. They would not refill the refrigerant level saying that it would be a waste of money. They tried to charge me $69.00 until I called their attention to the special offered. They then left with me being advised to buy a new unit. (Approximate cost $6000.00) nI called another Air Conditioning company who came out immediately. Here are the results:n 1- Compressor is good and working normally. It was not causing twice the current flow.n 2- A partial block in refrigerant flow was detected and fixed.n 3- A small refrigerant leak was fixed.n 4- New refrigerant was added.nThe Air Conditioner now works like new. I not only got faulty advice from the service call, but Whipple will not refund my money. Would I EVER go back to Whipple? No Way

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