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Weston Hurd BE CAREFUL BEFORE HIRING WESTON HURD IN OHIO Cleveland Ohio!!. Iu2019ve hired various law firms along the way, and generally had good experiences. Unfortunately, my lucky streak ended recently when I hired a law firm named Weston Hurd in Ohio. I want to be careful in how I comment on this firm, because I recognize that there are probably very competent lawyers at this firm, and I only interacted with a handful of lawyers there. But my impression is that the problems with Weston Hurd are not simply with a few u201cbad applesu201d but rather reflect a broad set of problems with the culture that pervades the Weston Hurd law firm generally. Be very careful if you are considering hiring Weston Hurd. I, for one, would recommend not hiring this firm under any circumstance, because I think itu2019s too risky to put your trust in a law firm like this. But if you do want to hire them, make sure u2018 at the very least u2018 to ask around and be careful to learn ab

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Weston Hurd

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By Sam Lala