Washington Gas / WGL Holdings Review


Washington Gas / WGL Holdings
I”ve lived many places, and this is the worst utility company I”ve ever been forced to deal with. I would rather spend 5 hours on hold with Horizon Airlines than try to do something simple like “pay my bill” with these jokers. The website doesn”t work. The automated telephone service is archaic, and paying over the phone takes a solid 10 minutes (not to mention they make you enter your credit card info before telling you how much your bill is). Want to get someone on the phone instead? When you find the secret combination of numbers that navigates you to an actual person, please let me know. It”s Nasty TAKING ADVANTAGE of absence of competitor gas companies in the area!!! But Washgas does it!!! Companies like this are why competition is important. I wish I could do something more than just write a review, but I have no other option for gas service in this area. So, alas, they have no reason to

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Washington Gas / WGL Holdings Review

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By Sam Lala