Wakefield And Associates lakewood Colorado


Complaint: Hello, After reading several of RIP-OFF complaints from and about Wakefiled collection I decided to do a little research my-self. NO ONE DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. !!!! EVER!!!! First off would you not find it ironic that they hire someone themslefes with HORRABLE CREDIT??? Or better yet how about a CONVICITED FELON for get this: THEFT. Yes I ahve all the documantation to back this up and all public records with the county of conviction. ART VIALPANDO NUMBER AT WAKEFIELD IS 303-537-2900 EXT 3251 Call and let him know that while he harrases people, he himself is a DEBTOR!!! His current score with Experian is a 525, Eq is a 528 and Trans is a 531!!! He applied for a lona recently and loved telling how his job was to crack down and get all the debt he could collect. He lied on his application then harrasemed me of all peoepl when I asked him about his Felony record. Wakefield and Associates will do anything to collect a ZOMBIE DEBT, do NOT fall for there tatics, they LIE tell you to pay a debt they cna report it or re-new it. Trust me as a morgate person with vast intel, they can NOT collect a debt after 6 years in CO, there is absoultyly nothing they can do to re-new it unless you make a payment, even then most courts will laugh at them. SHAME ON YOU WAKEFIELD FOR EMPLOYING CONVICTIED FELON’S SUCH AS ART. CALL THEM NOW, block your number fiorst by hitting *67 then let them know how we fell about people who harras others in a time of despair yet themselfs are CONVICTED FELON’S!!!!

Tags: Employers

Address: 3901 s jamaica ct #200 aurora, Colorado United States of America

Website: www.wakeassoc.com/

Phone: 303 537 2900

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