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37 inch vizio hdtv SOLD PRIOR TO SALE DAY! 11/27/2010 WALMART Complaint Wood Villiage Walmart, Wood Villiage, OR Went to my local Portland, OR Walmart @ 5am stood in line for the ADVERTIZED Saturday ONLY SALE Starting locally 6am. 11/27/2010 “We wanted 37 inch vizio LCD HDTV. After an hour only when I tracked someone down cause I saw only 11 items on the floor I found out that they had 100 units and had been selling the item prior to the sale date for full pice. So there was only 18 left. It had been advertized all over TV as a Saturday ONLY SALE!! So this is what I figure will happen. The consumers will take their receipts back in within 30 days and ask for the sale price discount + the $40 gift card that went with it. This was the old BAIT AND SWITCH. Get you into the store and then run out and you”ll buy a more expensive item which we ended up doing. This is the 1st sale like this I”ve ever done anywhere. And it will be THE LAST. Walmart this policey of yours SUCKS.

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