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Complaint: So I was looking at a URL that had expired and I went on goddady to purchase. I hit submit and was waiting for the confirm. While I was waiting I decided to see if the URL had any value. I typed it into there service. It gave me an error code and said to hold on and wait. I checked my godaddy acct and got an email that I needed to put in a different address. I went back and it was unavailable. Within minutes it was offered up on godaddy for 8995 dollars. This url had been vacant for a while and they just snatched it up and offered it up. Very simple. Do not put any info into there system. They are a sca, designed to steal peoples public info and put it out there. I am next going to provide several other complaints I have just found about people with similiar situattions and very bad business practices. Please email me if you have any other info and I will gladly forward to the FDLE where I am filing this today and will continue to push info through.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: urlrate.com/


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