Tristar Law Firm Review


I was contacted by phone in October of 2018, by Tri-Star Consumer Law Group. They asked me if I had credit card debt, which I did. They explained how they could legally dispute the debt, and I would be completely debt free in 12 to 18 months! Wow sounds almost too good to be true!!!! (Remember the old adage, if it’s too good to be true, it is!!!) | They instructed me to list all my credit cards with debt, then they told me which ones to keep paying, and which not to pay. They charged their fee, over $6,000, on my Discover card. Once they got their money, I stopped paying the Disover card, too. Then they told me to forward any mail pertaining to those cards to them, and they would take care of it. When I started receiving collection calls from the banks, I notified TriStar, and the calls stopped. | Through the past 2 and a half years they have not reached out to me, but I did continue forwarding letters from my old creditors to them, and I would call occaissionally for status checks. | Recently, they told me that they had changed their name to ARCO, but they were “still working my file.” They always say that someone will update me, or they will try to rush it through, since it is already been a year longer than what they said was the normal time frame. I hadn’t heard anything, so I applied for a home equity loan to cover my new debt. That’s how I found out that all of the old debt is still on my credit report! I have been playing phone tag with Amy at TriStar, but we haven’t been able to work this through. | Can someone recommend a course of action? I still have all of my original debt, and got scammed out of the $6,000 fee. Now my credit card debt is doubled, from all of the interest and unpaid fees that TriStar promised to take care of.


  • Name: Tristar Law Firm
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Nashville
  • Address: 1004 Jackson St
  • Phone: 1 615-988-8895
  • Website:

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