Tradesy Lafayette California


Complaint: I’ve been a respected seller for the last year. Today Tradesy tells me a buyer has filed a claim that the item I sent her is counterfeit. I contact the buyer and she says no claim on your item, it was another item that appears counterfeit. She calls Tradesy and says it’s not the Chanel bracelets, it’s some Chanel esrrings. Tradesy apologized and says they will release my 2000.00 and that they were sorry. The four day hold time has passed and they still are holding my funds for kniw reason. I’ve dold 40k with them and no claims. They are having cash flow isdues and stealing sellers funds by making up excuses. Still never released and there’s no other side to this story! Plain and simple they are keeping my funds for no reason! Theives! And beware of their supervisors like Marisa, she lied and said sorry “I’ll release your funds now””!they are crooks”

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: 1420 2nd Street Santa Monica , California USA


Phone: 312-912-7966

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