Tony Robbins Review


Tony Robbins is a fine example of people who make it big through selling BS products. He is called the infomercial king for a reason, he is good at that.

He is so good at selling BS products that he has made a fortune on the same. But it doesnít mean that he is a legitimate coach. If I say a lie a thousand times, will it become truth? Certainly not. Tony Robbins is a compulsive liar. He preys on peopleís emotions and through their hearts, finds his way into their wallets. He plays with peopleís emotions and if you ask me, thatís not a good thing. Itís unethical. He is a scam and his entire brand is based on lying to everyone. The only difference between him and any other con artist is of style. Tony yells a lot and uses a lot of cuss words. You wonít find these many self-help coaches who yell the F-word this many times. Tony has no (or little) knowledge of all the topics he talks about. He is simply a liar who knows his way around a crowd.

His seminars are worthless and their price is always in thousands. He manipulates people and if you will see any one of his speeches with some logic, you will see that he only speaks rubbish. Amazingly, his lies are selling books and people are falling prey to his scams again and again.

I went to one of his seminars, bought one of his books and I can say, he is nothing other than an overrated yelling liar. Whatever Tony is today, he is because of his large web of lies and cheats. I canít believe the amount of turmoil he has made others go through. His seminars are painful, useless and cost a lot.

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By Sam Lala