Tom’s Sod Service, Inc. Review


Toms Sod Clearwater Florida sold my friend several pallets of pest infected sod. Toms Sod Services in Clearwater Fl claims they instruct the drivers to educate the customers on infestations. They did not. Toms Sod Services in Clearwater sold their bad pest infected grass or sod to my friend. They are catapillars that turn into moths and leave your grass with large brown patches by feeding on it. My friend bought several thousand feet of sod. Not only were all the pallets of sod infected, it spread into the rest of the existing grass. The house has over 15,000 feet of grass and sod. My friend said he called Toms Sod in Clearwater Fl and a woman said there is no refunds or replacement of new sod. She also said he should have treated it. There was no disclosure by the driver or intructions on the receipt according to my friend. | All Toms Sod Services Inc Clearwater had to do is warn their customers and they do not. At least not all of them. So, not only did he pay for the grass and installation of the grass, he has to spend thousands of dollars to replace it which is backbreaking and sweaty job in Florida’s 90 plus degree heat. Not to mention the watering. My friend said he hired a company to treat the sod. Two weeks after professional treatment by an exterminator there is still some existing sodworms or moths. It has actually spread into the neighbors lawn and the existing grass. It is a nighmare for a homeowner. Please look at their reviews. Apparantly their are other victims. If anyone else is a victim like my friend please leave your grivence in the reviews under Toms Sod Clearwater Florida. We all work hard for our money. It is companies like these that should have to respect other peoples money and time.


  • Name: Tom’s Sod Service, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Clearwater
  • Address: 11413 – 49th Street North
  • Phone: (727) 571-1119
  • Website:

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