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There are all kinds of speakers out there but Tim is the worst. He is ruining the industry. I had hired him for a gig because I thought he was a reliable professional but I was wrong. He is not trustworthy. He is the finest example of false advertising. Yeah he is the CEO of Guide and has worked in multiple companies but he canít even show up for a paid event. I had booked Tim a few weeks ahead of the event just so I donít face any problems later on. I had made all the necessary arrangements for the event. I was paying for his stay and commute as well so I didnít expect him to back out like this.
My company was holding its annual business event and we all agreed that we should hire a reputed keynote speaker for it. I didnít want any unknown guy. This was a special event and we had invited a few special guests as well. I had put a lot of effort into the arrangements of the event. What I didnít know was that it will all get ruined because of one retard, Tim Salau. I had found

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Tim Salau Review

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By Sam Lala