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Have you ever heard, the harder you work, the better the fruit is? It is true in most cases but there is an exception. The stock market might become the speediest means of earning fast and hard revenue and on the contrary, might become the swiftest reason for the loss of investment too.
One of the biggest fortune makers from the stock exchange is Tim Grittani who turned his US$ 1500 into millions over years till today. Tim started his trading when he was studying Finance and wanted to have a stronger means of income. Serving as an insurance agent was not very appealing to him so he moved towards stocks. To trade in the stock exchange, like other businesses, there is a need for an initial investment. He initiated the process with borrowed money for opening an account and had his US$ 1500 for buying stocks. What was the need to borrow money? What if he had gone whitewashed? He did get whitewashed but had some reserves to back him up. A little tolerance would have been better perhaps. It

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Tim Grittani Review

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By Sam Lala