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I was excited, Wicked Tickets, were going on sale at 10 a.m. 1/16/09 and I was online and on two telephones to purchase 5 tickets for me and my friends. I kept getting knocked off the ticketmaster website…after a few minutes ticketsnow popped up and I purchased tickets from them thinking I was getting great seats and not realizing how much over the cost they were charging, as they did not reveal they were actually selling $68.00 tickets for $188.00 each!!! Scam They also charged $141.00 total service charge and $14.95 to deliver..this must have been in small print! I received the tickets a few days later and decided I would return to sender but my maid signed my name for delivery so I opened them up. This is first time I know I had been sold $68.00 tickets for $188!!! I then called Ticketmaster toll free line on 1/17/2009 and was amazed to get seats for 68.00 for next day a few rows back from the seats I paid $188.00. Well I got on the phone

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TicketsNow Review

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By Sam Lala