The Puppy Experience, Mattituck New York Review


I have wanted a King Charles Cavalier for a long time, way before there was ever one on Sex In The City. After that it seemed like it was going to be hard to find one, as the demand grew and so did the puppy mills for the breed. How was I going to find one that had healthy parents and grand-parents…was a troublesome task. There were too many people all over the internet….to narrow down my search. nSo I thought by buying a puppy from a pet store was the right way to go. They would be able to check on the puppies background …better than I could…so they would be worth the extra money instead of dealing directly with someone over the internet…. nSo I ordered one back in December last year from The Puppy Experience. nWhen I preordered the dog, I was told that I did in fact have a one year health guarantee much like the one that they now have on line, with five years. It just didn’t list this particular vet, but it did list the vet next door to them. Nor did it say that you needed to only buy the Holistic Health Extension food also they have removed that from their web site as of last week as I sent them an e-mail explaining thatit was the only food I ever purchased for the puppy.( I also told them that I purchased it at Pet Care Depot II for half the amount that they are charging..another rip off) nThey seem to be charging 40.00 a case for the food and well you can purchase it atnPet Care Depot IIn1596 Rte 112 nMedford NY US 11763nFor 19.99 a case.half the price. nIn googling sites that could give me some information on see-a puppy and the Puppy Experience I came across this Blog and the reason why I have included it in mine is the fact that This is exactly when I Preordered my puppy from them.( the neighborhood chatter) Back in December 2007 and if you notice the ad which included: n”$600.00 SHOTS All Up To Date-n$125.00 Free Vet Check-$300.00 Week Boarding FREE-All De-Wormings Up To Date-Full Congenital Guarantee-Free 2 Weeks Of Vet Services-All Papers & Registrations-AKC – ACA – DRA – APR -Full Breeder Information & Micro-chip nCLICK DALMATIONS BELOW TO SEE LIVE PUPPY CAM….”” nThere they are .the words that they did not honor.FULL CONGENITAL Guarantee.nNow let’s discuss the word the English language this would in turn mean genetic


inbred.transmissible.. nI picked up this puppy the day before Christmas….sick…nBut my main complaint is this…Again Cosmo is sick and I had to take him back to the vet

it seems the staph infection has once again returned. On 09/30/2008 I am given Cephalexin 250mg and ChlorhexiDerm Shampoo and told that I need to return on Tuesday in two weeks and oh by the way Cosmo has cataracts. nWell this was the first time any of my puppies’ doctors saw thisso I contacted The Puppy Experience and made an appointment at the Animal Hospital in Manhattan

to see what can be done to improve the quality of my puppies life. nAt this point he is seeing well enough but I must take him back in three months to recheck his eyes. They cannot tell me at what point will his eyes get worse

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By Sam Lala