The doctors there are too irresponsible and careless.


Morita Orthodontics is an unsafe place to bring your kid to. They donít look after the well-being of the patient and just impose any treatment. They messed up the treatment of my little boy when I used to take him there. I had taken my kid to Morita Orthodontics to get him braces. I got him clear braces because they look better and do the same job as the metal ones. Turns out, the doctors at Morita Orthodontics donít even do a proper checkup of the patientís health before diagnosing anything. My boy used to feel pain in chewing so when I took him to these people, they just told me itís because of the braces. My husband suggested that we go to a proper pediatric dentist. When we went to another dentist, we found that my son had a gum problem. He shouldnít have worn those braces in the first place. Anyone who has a gum problem shouldnít wear braces. He or she should first get that problem treated. But the doctors at Morita Orthodontics either werenít aware of the problem or they were too careless. In either case, the place is not a safe place to bring your child. These people donít know what they are doing. Or, they are too careless to do their jobs properly. I just wish I had found out the reality of these people first. My little kid wouldnít have to go through so much trouble then. My husband is thinking of pressing charges against these people but I donít think theyíd be effective. I just wanted to alert any other moms in the area that Morita Orthodontics isnít a good choice. The place has some really terrible doctors, who claim to be experts, who they arenít. So itíd be better if you went someplace else, whether itís for your health or for your kidís health. Iím not taking my boy there anymore. Iíll take him to some other dentist whoíd be responsible, caring and really attentive. These people didnít even bother to do a proper checkup of my boyís oral health before putting on the braces on his teeth. They are too greedy. Orthodontic treatment costs a lot and these guys know that. So they didnít hesitate in putting the braces on my little boyís teeth. If they were really caring and responsible doctors, they wouldíve done a proper checkup and then did things accordingly. When I went there to complain about this incompetency, the doctors said the problem must have arisen later on. But I was bringing my boy to that place regularly. Those people were supposed to do proper checkups every time I brought my boy there. Those people didnít accept their mistakes. I havenít taken my boy there ever since. I used to pay for every visit. Now Iíll go someplace else. And I suggest you do the same. I wouldnít want any other kid to face as much trouble as my little boy faced.

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