Textbroker Textbroker.com They refuse to pay me for work I did for them Las Vegas Nevada!!. Textbroker pays writers a few cents per word to writer articles for them. I wrote 6 or 8 articles and they owe me over $35.00. The first time I asked for payment they said they needed a W9 form and thats all they said they needed so I completed the form and sent it to them. After waiting several months and emailing them several times for a status update they finally replied and said they had to verify who I was and this was after I wrote articles for them. I was asked to send a copy of my drivers license and a picture of me holding my drivers license. After several months and numerous emails which they didn not reply to. They finally said they would pay me but they pay through PayPal and they had the wrong email address. Their system will not allow you to change your email address you have to contact them to do that. I contacted them to change my email address and again after

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By Sam Lala