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I purchased a certificate of completion course for my son. He took the course, passed it, then we went to the DMV to get his driving test only to have the lady look at me and say “what is this?? This is a scam, I’m sorry.” She said three were several companies like this which scam people into thinking they can receive valid certificates. I called the company and asked for a refund. She asked which state I was in. When I told her, she calmly said “Oh, yes, it’s not valid in your state.” WHAT??? Why is this information NOWHERe TO BE FOUND on the Certificate of COmpletion information page?? Why is there no prompt when you enter your state, letting you know it’s not valid??? WHy? Because they know good & well that EVERYONE going to their site is looking for a VALID c.o.c. and they want you to spend the money even though it wont be valid in your state. In other words, it’s a scam. She asked me if she wanted me to go with her online to s

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TeenDrivingCourse.com Reviews & Complaints

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By Sam Lala