Technical Veda Impostor Review


David Hopper from this company called me and said the company was going out of business and wanted to refund my money. He connected me with a man he works with named Travis. Travis directed me to connect with Team Viewer, and he told me to check my bank balance with was over $2000. He gave me a spiel how his company was going to refund a little more than I had paid the company to me, but that it would take time because of the rate of exchange.  He then said I had to go to Target and get gift cards. I objected, and all of a sudden, my bank balance seemed to disappear. Travis said the only way I would see my money again was to get the gift cards. I got the cards and read the numbers to him. He assured me that the money would be returned to my account . But of course it wasn’t.

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By Sam Lala