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In the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k By Mark Manson, a top-rated and inspiring book, it taught me that no one is special. No, not in the way you think, but here is why Manson made a note of that: the more unique you think you are, the more expectations you will be demanding from yourself even when it is not ideal in any real sense. It is notion that can help to realize they are not superhuman and do not necessarily have to get everything right.
However, some people still do not get the idea, and they want to feel as though they are unique because they achieve a feat that just a few people have been recorded to attain. People, like Swish Goswami, want to feel special and there is no telling why.
Swish thinks he is exceptional as he never seems to shut up about all the things he has achieved at a young age. Seriously, it has become tiring to read every article and be confronted with the one million and one things that Swish Goswami has done, every single one of them narrated

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Swish Goswami Review

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By Sam Lala