Sweet Treats Review


I would sign up on websites for work from home jobs and one day I received a texted asking if I would allow the “sweet treats ice cream” company to put decals on my car for a weekly pay of $***. I went through all the steps…filling out the “application” about my car were I live if I have insurance etc… I was than emailed saying that I was eligible to have the decals put my car and that I could expect to receive a check with my first week compensation and the money for the decal guy. Not knowing much about decal advertising I figured it was the way they do it so I got the check put it into my bank and as soon as I did the “hiring manager” started to text me constantly asking me if I deposited the check? If I had a Zelle account? How soon could I get to a western union? Which with how persistent the person was being, I started to feel like something was off but I was already this far in that I really didn’t know what to do… so I went ahead with the instructions and sent the money by western union but every time the decal person was going to show up one thing or another came up as to why they couldn’t make it. So a day or two goes by and I noticed that the check bounced in my account, I asked the guy about it and he claims that in all of his years working for the company this has never happened and that he would have it fixed. The next day came and went and my account was still negative and I still have not had the decals put on my car. I waited another day and contacted the guy again who assured me that the issue would be fixed by the next morning and thanked me for trusting them “the company” after that day I texted him a couple more times about the check bouncing but that is when i lost contact and I have not heard anything since…

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