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I was hired at the beginning of january 2009 to work for a company I had applied for on the internet called the advantage network. I was contacted by a man who claimed his name was Steve Foster We as employees were in charge of selling a membership in a club called the world travellers (which turned out to be bogus I found out later) n I did really well at the job I was hired to do, so well that the owner, Steven L. Taylor, offered me a promotion after a very short time promising to pay me 15.00 an hour plus bonuses to be a manager for him. n Every week there was something wrong with my paycheck and Steve was always very shady when I confronted him about it. I told my Supervisor, Monique George, about the discrepancy and she swore on her life I would get payed. He would contradict himself and outright lie in every conversation. n I confronted Steve about how we collected peoples personal banking information and told them there was no way that info could harm them or their banks wouldn’t put the numbers on the bottom of their checks. I also confronted him about my paycheck always being short even though I was doing so well at the job he hired me for. n When Steve Foster/Taylor lied to me again for about the fifteenth time I put in my two weeks notice. That was Friday Feb 20th. I finished my shift on Friday and I never recieved my paycheck due that day. Monday comes around and I go to sign in to work and there is no one there. The numbers for the business are all disconnected. I never recieved my check the following friday either. This company robbed me for $1100.00. I’m sure all the customers who’s checking account got charged over $200.00 for a bogus vacation club that doesnt even exist anymore got scammed too. n If you are an employee or customer or have been ripped off by this man in some other way reply to this report we are trying to get all the employees on the same lawsuit there is a lawyer in Tampa that has agreed to take this case on contingency. Also the US GOVT BEA GSA is already involved in the case so be sure to file a report with them as well as the FL Dept of Labor wage and hour division nToddnspringfield Mo, MissouriU.S.A.

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By Sam Lala