Steve Olsher Review


It is more convincing and credible when random people who got attracted to a book without being pre-informed purchase it, read the book, and tell you about it. Then you will know it is what the book says it does; it does, not an unnecessary hype by the author or his friends in a bid to sell it.

That way, they are in it for your pocket and not what the book actually will do for you. When that is the situation, you should not consider the author in this instance Steve Olsher, the man he claims to be and what Wikipedia has about him.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not have anything about him. Then I guess Steve Olsher is a nobody and only gain prominence by hyping himself using the best tactics ever: playing into your emotions and using the “finding purpose in life” as the tool.

Every person definitely wants to know what they are in this life for. Steve employs this instance when you want to make a kid stop being mad at you, you let him watch cartoons for the whole day and keep reminding him you allowed him that luxury, so he will be grateful to you. This is what Steve does through his books giving you what you want when on a second look, he is not giving you anything at all. Steve is simply promoting his image and making a whole lot of money that way. First, let’s get to know who this Steve Olsher is.

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By Sam Lala