Steve Lowisz Review


The world is changing, and technology is advancing to greater heights. As things change, people have come up with new strategies to get money without sweating. Some people use scam, fraud, and robbery without violence. Every single morning a new speaker evolves from nowhere, but their motives are to make money. This is a significant effect on those speakers who know their work as it is a way to tarnish the ‘speaker’ title. Among those false speakers who came from nowhere and is ever after money is Mr. Steve Lowisz. He lacks the skills and the information that one requires to qualify as a keynote speaker.

He should pack his bags and leave for his home to enjoy his old retire. Since Mark is a greedy person, he walks up and down despite his age to chase after money. If I am to organize an event in the future, I will not consider hiring him as a speaker even if he offers to offer the services free of charge. I will prefer to hire someone else.

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By Sam Lala