We have a dentist who had been convinced that joining this organization, as part of a sister organization, would assist his practice to develop a successful sleep medicine program. Only trouble being that the dentist can in NO WAY participate in the diagnostic process in sleep medicine. | Medicare guidelines goes so far as to line out protocol that proclaims that the “DME (Dentist) can not have the sleep testing equipment delivered to the patient or returned to the office from the patient”. As most know, majority of third party insurance entities adopt Medicare guidelines and expressly prohibit dentists from using this equipment for diagnosis of sleep apnea. Further, Stat DDS promotes this service and use of the Nox T3 to aid in identifying bruxing. Any dentist or RDH who requires a device to substitute their ability to identify a bruxing patient should likely go back to school! | Additionally, Stat DDS contracts their victims with a $299 or $299 per month option or, an outright purchase of the device for $5690…this device can be purchased new elsewhere for less than $4000! | The Stat DDS model is a setup for audit and the possibility of associated fines, penalties and reimbursing payors for the monies they have paid your practice. Perform your due diligence and educate yourself on the many legitimate options to this flawed program. | AADSM, AASM and ABDSM can provide you with guidelines to help prevent your practice from falling into this trap!


  • Name: STATDDS
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Euclid
  • Address: 2120 S Green Rd.
  • Phone: 800-693-9076
  • Website:

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By Sam Lala