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Complaint: I purchased an eight ounce bag of Star Snacks Cashew Pieces. Bag reads they are roasted and salted, no Transfat and All Natural. I took a very small handful, and noticed they were brown pieces that looked unusual. Well that’s not the bad part. I began to chew them and my mouth felt strange. I proceeded to swallow them and my throat began to literally burn.I do not have a clue why or what is mixed in the bag. However, I am going contact the health department on this. I am afraid that it could be something that can be potentially harmful. My daughter ate a few and experienced the same burning throat effect. This bag was purchased in Phoenix, AZ at Family Dollar Store at fourteeth and Chandler. The bag has a good thru date of: 02/23/2013.I Googled up the company to locate the phone number and to my amazement, There were 30 Various complaints about this company. Some noting diarreaha symptoms to stomach pain and rooten and spoiled nuts broken glass pieces and bug larvae to name a few.I called Star Snacks and left a detailed message. If I do not hear back, I will go to the news media. This company may be potentially dangerous and carries a possible health risk. I would never have purchased this food product had I known the possible risk.

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Address: 105 Harbor Dr. Jersey City, NJ. 17305 Internet United States of America


Phone: 201-200-9820

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