South Pines Pomeranians Duluth Georgia


Complaint: I contacted SP Kennels and spoke with Michele inquiring about a puppy I’d seen on their site, “tiny”” Pepsi. I got info. on her back ground. I was told one of her parents weighed 4 lbs.

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Address: the other 5 lbs. Pepsi was “”on track”” to weigh 3.6 lbs. as an adult per Michele. I was told Pepsi was being kept in a large room with other puppies her size where they could run & play. I was told Pepsi was socialized with humans & other dogs and that she had quite an “”attitude””. I explained that the size of the adult dog was important as I was looking for something 5 lbs. or under because of disabilities that I have as it’d be to hard for me to handle a larger dog. Again

Website: see their temperment etc… & that I had to pick Pepsi up from Cassandra at a specific exit in a parking lot of a closed resturaunt. We got Pepsi who was just shaking with fear but

Phone: I asked about Pepsi’s aprox. adult weight stressing the importance of the adult weight because of the disabilities. I asked Michele to please just be honest with me & told her I’d rather lose the $100 deposit than have a dog I cant handle down the road. After talking to Michele several times & exchanging emails

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