Soozi Jones Walker/Commercial Executive grp Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: In Las Vegas Nevada, If you are considering doing business in commercial real estate a name and company you should steer clear of is Soozi Jones Walker of Commercial Executives. The biggest phony in the industry. This person rips off and lies through that cheese eating grine of her and after you sign and catch her in a lie she threatens you with legal action and harm to your good name. She drops the names of respectable Las Vegans in her threats. Stay away from dealing with her and her fake wig, and phony self made awards. Contact me and I will share testimonials from former associates, employees and other complaints. Get a professional and don’t get burned by her acid tongue. It will cost you more than you know. I lost 1.2 million on this loser agent.

Tags: Home Owner Associations

Address: 8500 Tenaya Dr st 100 Las Vegas , Nevada USA



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By Sam Lala