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Somerset Auto Salvage Auto Repair Service Alternator and Powersteering pump Somerset Wisconsin!!. This last winter September 2019 I too my 2005 Chevy Impala to Somerset Auto Salvage to have an Alternator replaced because the charge light was coming on, and to have them look at the power steering because it was whining and making lots of noise. The said they would replace the Alt. with a rebuilt one from an auto parts store, and replace the power steering pump with a new one from the auto parts store als. The cost with labor would be around $650.00 and would be done in a few days. well two weeks went by and the car was still outside in the junk yard next to the shop. After three weeks it finally go done and we paid them and leftAbout a week later the charge light came on again and finally the battery went dead and it wouldnu2019t start. I asked them to come get it and fix it properly but they said they had no tow truck available. I had my neighbor come look at the ca

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