Silkroad Online Pharmacy Review


They sent 100 EMPTY suboxone wrappers that had been resealed and advertised as 8mg sublingual strips. No returns or refunds of course. Then I come here and find this is actually not the true Silk Road website. The real site is Upon closer inspection I noticed multiple descrepencies on the fake site. For example, under contact info they listed a Boston, MA address and phone number, the “about us” section listed they were based in Texas, in and answer posted in the “FAQ’s” section they replied they were based in Pakistan, and all th “reviews” from their customers talk about how happy they are with Fargo Pharmaceuticals which I researched and is in North Dakota and has no affiliation. So I guess stupid me for looking at all this AFTER the fact, but if it can save someone else the trouble…the REAL Silk Road website is…..


  • Name: Silkroad Online Pharmacy
  • Country: United States
  • State: Massachusetts
  • City: BOSTON
  • Address: 25 BUCHANAN RD
  • Phone: (646) 902-1215
  • Website:

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By Sam Lala