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Recieved a statue that was described as in good condition and needed a light dusting. Recieved this item broken . The pictures of this item showed it complete and unbroken. When I attempted to submit a claim through customer service I was told to send pictures of the broken statue . I sent this along pictures of the box it was shipped in. I didn’t hear anything back for ten days during which time I kept sending request for a refund. I was finally contacted back apologizing for the delay and asking for now pictures of the packing slip they sent and the packing material used. Now this seemed a ridiculous request since they packed it they should know what packing material they used. The packing slip was originally generated by them so why would they not have a copy of this. Even though that was what I thought was a stall tactic I sent the pictures requested letting them know I felt not having copies was incompatant on their part. I called right after I sent the pictures to them and was told by the person who answered the phone that my claim was now being sent to management for a refund. That person also sent me a written message saying it was forwarded to management. Now that I was told I was recieving a refund over the phone I discarded the broken item they sent me. Then two days later they send me a message saying they are sending me a shipping label to return the broken item they shipped me. I would have done that if I was told that when I was told I was getting a refund. But since it took them two days later to tell me that’s what they wanted the item was already trashed. Since I am a reseller I don’t have room for worthless items. I have spent allot of money over the years and have only had one other complaint filed which was handled right Away. I need my refund for this claim. Please refund my claim so I don’t have to proceed further.your customer service in this location is rude and incompatant.

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  • Usually when you ask for a refund for something you have to actually RETURN the product …broken or not…
    That’s just life.
    You shouldn’t of thrown it away.
    How is that their fault? They didn’t tell you not to throw it away?
    You can be taught common sense…you just have to learn it

By Anonymous