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Why do you read self-help books?

To improve your life, right? What if the book doesn’t help you? What if, it ends up increasing your confusion regarding the subject and waste your time?

That’s what happened to me when I read ‘Making Work Work’ by our beloved Shola Richards. This guy claims to be a leader of some positivity movement which is supposed to transform the work culture of future corporations. At least, that’s how he markets himself. The truth is way different than that. I was unfortunate enough to have two different encounters with this guy and each of those encounters taught me a valuable lesson – STAY AWAY FROM SHOLA RICHARDS!

The market is filled with self-help gurus. Everyone is giving you advice on some aspect of your life and claiming to be an expert. I won’t say that the entire industry is a sham. There are certainly a few people who are giving out genuine advice to others and improving their lives. However, there are some others, who are exploiting the system and taking advantage of innocent people. Unfortunately, the quantity of the people who really want to help others is very low in comparison to the people who just care about your money and give you nonsensical advice. Moreover, it’s very difficult to figure out which one is which. The imposters market themselves harder in comparison to the genuine ones. And because they are nothing but a bunch of scammers, they also have more marketing funds. With the help of those funds, they can easily outshine the honest guys. Due to this, you don’t get to see honest and genuine experts and end up buying content from some self-proclaimed messiah.

Shola is one such guy who is taking advantage of other people’s trust. He doesn’t care about your well-being or your work culture. He just wants you to spread positivity and, by positivity, I mean his name. He is in the industry with the sole purpose of making money for himself and for that, he can go to any extent.

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By Sam Lala