Shari Levitin Review


Companies hold events for many reasons. Maybe they want to help their employees learn something new. Or, maybe they want to boost their teamsí morale. In any case, a great event is certainly an amazing solution to many problems faced by companies. The success of these events relies on one person and one person alone, which is the keynote speaker. If the speaker is great, you can be sure that the event would be great too. Similarly, if the speaker canít give a good speech, know that your event is ruined.

Thatís why companies put in a lot of effort in finding good speakers for their events. I had put in a lot of effort too. But what if you find a great speaker who doesnít give a good speech on your event? You would be mad, wouldnít you? This is what happened to me. I hired Shari Levitin and thought she would make my event great. But instead of giving an amazing speech, she ruined it by promoting her book all the time. Shari Levitin is a major scammer and Iím sharing my experience with her in this article, so you donít make the mistake I made.

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By Sam Lala