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For 3 years or so now every time we’ve called Service America out (every 3-4 months) they fix the A/C (rig it to work), but tell us we have a leak…no one has ever suggested how we should find and repair said leak, until one nice technician in March. He explained It involves disconnecting the A/C for 48 hours, then they come back and see where the leak is coming from. So off the A/C went for 48 hours…or so I thought. After 3 missed appointments they blamed on a computer GLITCH (now we’ve been 6 days with no A/C) a different tech came out and told us that the leak was coming from under the slab of the house, which isn’t covered, so we would have to have the parts people come out to price laying down new lines. Meanwhile, the tech refused to reconnect the A/C. The parts people, thinking they were going to get to sell us something, showed up in record time, only to be disappointed that they couldn’t get to the areas in the house that would need to be

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Service of America Review

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By Sam Lala