Service Dog Tags Review


Spoke with their only answering person in customer service that explained the price of their service dog kit, what the kit entailed as well as verification of timeframe to send Digital verification of the ID for my canine. I was assured by rep Sussie the digital verification would take at most 1-2 hours to receive. The site directly says 1-2 says for processing for product to ship. After discussion it is quite clear this company is a Bait & Switch. They will tell you anything to get your money with absolutely no ethics or integrity pertaining to what they said & honoring it. I chose to completed transaction based solely on what was spoken to me by this Sussie. | Once ordered was completed I emphasized that I needed to receive the digital verification & copy of my service animal. To no avail, I was ignored for hours trying to get through & only when I received a notification informing that they would not honor what said days before. I respectfully mentioned that if they would not honor the terms upon which I placed my order, I had no recourse but to dispute the transaction as I was being lied to directly only to obtain my credit card. Once I referenced the dispute, then all of sudden I received responses immediately saying they wouldn’t honor the timeframe mentioned earlier to receive digital ID. I explained to her that unless I received as designated I was due to lose my Disability benefits the following morning in Disability hearing. | Sussie, then canceled my order without request, blocked my number & said she would refund the transaction. The company is an embarrassment & disgraceful to those that are disabled & very readily dismissive to the concerns of those that live with disabilities. They are a shameful company Pure & Simple! A scam oriented company that totally disregards those with disabilities. Beware of this Scam company. They will take your money & disregard the basis of even why your calling for your Disability. Stay away & look for a more reputable company for your needs. This Sussie is one that preys on the Disabled without any question of the doubt.


  • Name: Service Dog Tags
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Tomball
  • Address: 14090 FM 2920 Suite G-353
  • Phone: 877-770-0789
  • Website:

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By Sam Lala