Seek Capital Review


Seek Captial is a financial scam. The company’s business model is based on stealing money from people and doing false claims. My personal experience with Seek Capital has been pitiful. They are merciless criminals who are lying to people and stealing money from their pockets.

You can understand the kind of lies these people spread from their marketing motto which states that ‘Seek Capital provides funding to companies’. In reality, they steal money from small businesses and provide zero or little funds in return. Working with them is like working with a bunch of civil officers. They never get the job done. And they delay your application and all the formalities for so long that you begin to grow tired.

Not only are they scammers and cheaters but they are also hiding the truth on the internet. Their reputation management tries to keep hiding the complaint posted against them. If I had found the complaint I have listed in this article before contacting them, I never would have contacted for my business.

When you’ll talk to them, they will say they are going to help your business and provide you with more funds. But the truth is, these people are only looking for ways to use your business so they can get the funds in their bank accounts. I couldn’t believe how much money I have had to pay because of the deceptive and mischievous schemes of this company.

Through this review, I’m hoping to help other fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. Seek Capital is a corporate vulture who is always on the lookout for innocent businesspeople like you and me. They will scavenge off everything you have until you are left with nothing. I lost a lot because of these people and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it all over again, with someone else.

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By Sam Lala