Seegars Fence Company wilmington North Carolina


Complaint: Screwed after 30 years of owning 50% of Seegars Fence Co Wilmington. The owner, Clip Davis, was forced to liquidate SFC-Wilmington after Wes Seegars was unwilling to buy Mr. Davis out after 30 years. Mr. Davis had health issues, including going Blind & back surgery, that made him realize he needed to spend more time with his wife and family instead of working 50-60 hours each week. He made the mistake of assuming that Wes Seegars would be a man of his word and offer a reasonable amount for Mr. Davis’ 50% of the business. Instead Mr. Seegars decided to Liquidate Seegars of Wilmington and Re-Open Seegars of New Hanover County. This got him out of paying Mr. Davis for his 30 years of service and he was able to use the reputation Mr. Davis built in and around southeastern NC to continue as nothing happen. This is just morally wrong, especially concidering Mr. Davis’ cercumstances. I feel everyone should know what a crook he is. Seegars Fence Co of Now New Hanover County is using Mr. Davis’ name and saying that “after 30 years of service Clip is retiring…and will always be considered a member of the Seegars Family…etc”” Well

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By Sam Lala