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If you are considering purchasing a puppy from sandra sanchez: beware! you may unknowingly buy a puppy with parvovirus as i did on september 21, 2015, when i purchased a female maltipoo puppy from mrs. Sanchez. The day i bought my puppy, i was assured she had received her first round of vaccinations and was, according to a veterinarian, “in perfect health.” however just two days later on wednesday, september 23, my puppy began to show signs of illness and it became resounding clear that mrs. Sanchez sold me a puppy that was ill. For those of you who are unfamiliar with parvovirus, it takes approximately 4-6 days for the virus to ravage a puppy’s body enough for him/her to present with physical symptoms. … Therefore, given the timeline, this is how i know my puppy contracted the virus while in sandra sanchez’s care. | Over the course of the next two days, my puppy’s health further deteriorated. Her lack of appetite, loose bloody stool, and diminished fluid intake are the symptoms that led me to take her to the vet in the early morning saturday, september 26. If i was inattentive and uneducated about canine diseases that can afflict improperly cared for/unvaccinated puppies, my puppy may not be alive today. Fortunately, i am a responsible and vigilant pet owner. My puppy stayed in the isolation unit of a veterinary hospital for two days. I have included the veterinary hospital invoice so you can see the exorbitant expense of my brand new $900 puppy’s treatment after her parvovirus diagnosis As of today, $1584.79). The rub: my puppy will require additional treatment and care until her red blood cell and white blood cell count stabilize. When all is said and done the bill will likely exceed $2000. Thus, in just the first month of owning my puppy, i will likely spend ~$3000 Includes the cost of her purchase and the aforementioned veterinary expenses). | Today, september 30, marks the third day in a row i attempted to make contact with mrs. Sanchez. Beginning sunday, september 27, i left three separate voicemails on both her home and cell phone numbers. She did not have the courtesy to return a single call. Today, i sent her a text message informing her that if i did not receive a return phone call by 10pm, i would publish her name and phone numbers on a website that protects consumers from unscrupulous individuals Thank you. Given how responsive sandra sanchez was in the exchange that led up to my purchase of one of her maltipoo puppies on september 21, her sudden evasiveness confirms my suspicion that she was well aware that the puppy she sold me was ill at the time of my purchase and pick up. | Because i did not hear from sandra sanchez through any medium, i am following through and publishing this report with the hopes that future prospective puppy buyers stay far away from mrs. Sanchez and her improperly vaccinated and diseased animals.


  • Name: Sandra Sanchez
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Modesto
  • Address: 3400 Sullivan Court
  • Phone: (510) 853-6055
  • Website:

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By Sam Lala