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Sam Miceli is absolutely crazy!! I rented a house from Sam Miceli in 10/07 and he rented me the house knowing full well that there was something wrong with the garage and it did not close so there was no way to lock the house. The garage door wound up landing on my car, and creating a huge dent that he never paid for! He also never fixed the plumbing knowing that the toilets in the house did not flush, and caused the house to have a really bad smell. He then got upset when we decided to move out, and made it seem like there was something wrong with us. There have been several people who have moved into that property and within a month have moved right back out!! Stay away from him the address of the property is 4928 Lazy Day Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89130

4928 Lazy Day Ct Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America


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By Sam Lala