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Ryan fired my friend because she was black
I used to work under Ryan C Sprowls at his company (Alexandria Wealth Management Group), and I had to leave because of a series of some seriously horrendous events. Ryan is very used to racially discriminate among his employees, and it is something that his colleagues have accepted I guess. I tried to raise a voice against the blatant racist practices of Ryan, but nobody listened to me. I left my job there because of the deliberate discrimination present in that organization. 
Ryan had fired my friend because of her skin color. And not only that, he said a racist comment to me too.
He lacks basic humanity. He looks down on people of other ethnic groups and is forcing this toxicity on his co-workers and subordinates in the organization. He doesn’t take any action on bigots present within Alexandria. He loves to put undue pressure on a specific group of people, the people who are not

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Ryan Sprowls

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By Sam Lala