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People have, are and always will be desperate to earn money. Some of us might argue over the fact that it is the right of every living being in this world to earn and spend money on them. The question that arises is how far could people go in contemplating their desires? The century that we live in has been coping over many transitions that the world has moved on from amongst which Online or Internet Marketing has been the new addition to the greater business ideas. Over hundreds of thousands of online businesses have been started or are under process every day, making the Internet one of the top markets around the globe. Where there is a sparking potential, we always have seen scam and fraud living over other’s sweat.

Entrepreneurship is considered the ‘golden boy’ of business and marketing; hence it wasn’t too late until entrepreneurship joined in the circles of online marketing. With advancing grounds in this professional field, we saw modernized versions of tools that promoted online businesses. Russell Brunson was one of the many individuals who figured out to move the system to the next level by forging a forum that allows marketers to sell their products. It seemed to be a pretty frondeur concept for me when I came across the idea of ‘sales funnel’ and how Russell Brunson made his worth seven figures in a mere three to four years. For instance, it amazed me and everyone that I know of, but I sure kept digging into what this idea really is about and what and how exactly Russell Brunson had been benefiting from “other businesses.”

What made me dig deeper into the scam (that I was about to find out) was the word “short-cut”. I feel this word to be exaggerated as every mature mind believes that “the road to success is difficult and has no short-cuts.” With Russell Brunson with the short-cuts in his product he offered to many people with desires to have a successful setup, this made me test the product to see the extent to which he was able to break the regular cycle of success.

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By Sam Lala