Ross Cameron Review


Don’t let them make a fool out of you.

Financial brokers have been stained so atrociously over the years that have made people reconsider their trading choices over a range of tests and verifications. Despite these facts, the businesses of trading rooms have been under constructive grounds and have been thriving constantly by preying over the meaty dumb goats who ought to take up the trading faculty to multiply their investments in short periods. First, we need to understand, what trading rooms are and after what precedent they percolate.


Day Trading has been and still counts as a hotline for buying and selling. It is an archetype of trading involving moderators who account on purchasing a certain commodity; which is then ‘shouted-out’ by the very moderator. At first glance, this seems perplexing for a rookie to understand how this extends onto being spam in the first place. If explained in a sentence, this seems to be how a moderator promotes a certain product at its purchase and how effective that promotion counts in raising the bid of the product; which is then the success of the moderator only. This article shall be discussing not only the drawbacks of the operation of trading rooms but will also put its primary focus on the ‘gurus’, the czars of trading operations that are feeding over such trading services. Such an example of such gurus is the Warrior Trading; which is a website ran by a former architect Ross Cameron.

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By Sam Lala