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When you meet people, and everything seems perfect with them, trust me when I say something is not right there. I have come to become acquainted with Rory Vaden, a man that most people perceive to be an absolute genius, a great speaker, and indeed a motivational shaker. That is what I thought in the first place until I got to know him, and I can tell you that every single thing you have known of Rory Vaden beforehand not a facade, not what you will expect at all.
Rory is something else entirely that made me a fool in believing in his ideas in the first place. Rory Vaden, who pretends to be who he is not living a fake life in front of the audience to make a couple of dollars and earn a reputation he does not deserve is nothing but complete slime, and I will tell you exactly why.
Who is Rory Vaden?
Rory Vaden was born in Colorado in 1982, July 26. He attended the University of Denver, where he earned both a bachelorís and masterís degree simultaneously. Rory is considered a speaker, an author, and an entrepreneur. He co-founded Southwestern Consulting. He also co-Founded Brand Builders Group and is the host of the podcast, Rock Solid Reputation.
Rory Vaden began speaking at an early stage and got a knack for attracting an audience like me when I first got to know about him. He has several certifications on speaking and authored the book Take The Stairs: 7 Steps To Achieve Great Success and Procrastinate on Purpose. Rory made publications for sure like CNN and Huffington Post. This is the idea, all he does is travel up the leader trampling on me, on you and everyone else and you will see exactly how he achieves this.
His ideas lack originality
For a motivational speaker, you did think he is in the right position to speak life into people, inspiring you with his words obtained from all he had experienced. However, you did be surprised that Rory Vaden, half the time, does not know what he is talking about. This is a man that has seen that people like listening to him, and he does everything to keep it so.

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By Sam Lala