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Here’s a report that’s brought to the public about a group that networks in roofing that would be given explanation about to show unprofessionalism in business by repair, but to rip us off. To begin this report, so that many as possible, through this site, would learn what kind of people we are dealing with, considering one of them, being the head authority, and the others of a different status in behavior and in how they express extremely poor intentional work ethics, conducting themselves as showing bad intentions when they make an effort to be involved with homeowners and private citizens. | I believe in the early part of July, 2019, I met with the first member of this group and network by the name of Paul Stimson, as he puts it. He came out to my home in the Oceana area of Virginia Beach to speak with me about the fascia part of my house’s wood-trimming at the bottom edge of the roof on the north side of my home where the gutter pan is attached to catch roof runoff waters. | Mr. Paul Stimson had written out an estimate for a roof shingling job, which was the right thing to do, if I needed a shingle job, but at the time, I only desired fascia trim repair on the north side of the house. At one point, a gentleman by the name of Mark came out to my residence and he seemed to be a business person you could talk to, not a fast talker and took time to understand me and I understand him, but before we could bring this to a sure thing, he stayed busy. | I called Paul to pick up where we left off and he’d say I will call Mark. Mark would call me and want a date to come out that would work for both of us so he asked me to call him when I was available and he would try and make it work. One of the two said that they had two big roof jobs that were in progress at the time, so I waited a few days and called back and Paul said that Mark is everywhere right now on roofs, so let me see if I can find for you my repair man. | The repair man by the name of Mike called me, we talked and he wanted to come out to meet and I shared with him all specific details that I had shared with Mark, where Mark and I agreed. Mike said he would get his price assessment over to Paul, of which he didn’t share with me. At some point and time after which, I found a text on my phone saying the price was $650.00, detailed and itemized. July 22, 2019, 11:33 am, I found a text on my phone from Roof Guyz that was texted by Mike. | This is what it said, “Work to be performed at my residence on St. Pauls Street, Virginia Beach. Remove gutter on north side house, remove existing fascia board, install new fascia board, re-hang old metal wrap, re-hang old gutter. If additional wood repair are needed, beyond replacing fascia board, additional charges will apply. We will be re-using existing metal and existing gutter, Roof Guyz, $650.00. To replace shingle tabs that have blown off the roof, add $200.00, Roof Guyz.” | Mike went up on the roof July 22, 2019 to see the blown off shingle tabs, not the whole shingles, but one tab of three, which makes up a shingle. He claimed that there were 20 pieces blown off. Before Mike came, a member from my home insurance company came and said there were only 10 missing when he came down from the roof. Back to the work that was to be done. I told Mike, let’s go with your figures for the fascia installation and repair and when we see what’s behind the fascia, we will know clearly what’s next and how I can be flexible, 10:52 am, July 25, 2019. | I believe the day the work was performed is July 26, 2019. On the day that Mike performed the work, I was away from the house and wasn’t there to see when he first went behind the fascia board and guttering. He texted me and stated there wasn’t any additional damage, only the center of the fascia board had rotted. When I got to the house, I noticed he cut the fascia into pieces, replaced a piece in the center and let both ends of old material remain, which was against what he and I agreed on for his price. | This also left several cut joints in the wood material before replacing the existing metal wrap over the fascia. Mike took away all of my gutter hangers and didn’t put them back, screwed my guttering to the fascia. If my gutter gets clogged and filled with water, it could easily come apart or tear away at the attached area of the screws. I installed hangers to support and secure weight, and had provided wrap around straps to hold it upright. | Mike did not replace the debris blocker in the throat of my down spout, but left it sitting in the cutter. I used detergent and water to wash the gutter strip, while he worked on the fascia, which I didn’t have to do. He asked for WD40 to spray to loosing the caulking from his hands, which I gladly gave him. Mike began to wipe caulking from his hands into my grass. I asked him not to and showed him a secluded area. Later, that evening, I found caulk wiped into the open walking space of my grass. | I favored him to replace the missing shingle tabs on my roof, but when he came down from the roof, he claimed that there were only 14 tabs that were missing. The only part of fascia board that was bad, was the center of a 30 foot stretch of board and about 10 feet of it replaced. It was agreed to and I paid for having the entire stretch of fascia board replaced entirely but only a small section was replaced on. | When I made a phone call to Mr. Paul Stimson to share my concerns, one call was Tuesday, July 30, 2019, I spoke with him also the 31st, Wednesday, at that time, I hadn’t been getting return calls, but Paul said that he would talk with Mike, who did the work. The last I had spoken with Paul, was August 1, 2019. Paul had excuses for Mike, but didn’t come clean and to listen to talk this through. | He jumped around with words and then make a remark like, he don’t want to hurt my feelings or something of the sort. But with all of his bouncing around on words and his rush talk, when I first met him and had to stop him to make sure we were on the same page, when he was at my residence, caused him to put the first thing we talked about on paper. | None of them really know who they messing with, but they will see. I mentioned to Paul, since I never heard from Mike, and Paul tried to defend Mike in his wrong, by saying he is quite sure he gave the right price because he has been doing this a long time. Guess what, when Mike assessed the work, Mike said he will get his assessment over to Paul to see if Paul agrees and if Paul and I agree, then I could have the work done. | Paul and Mike could meet and talk with me about work and money that they wanted but failed to show professional courtesy and respect when I called to share what we agreed on and they didn’t produce fairly and truthfully. They have a hard time telling the truth and they can’t be trusted!! Take pictures before and after and then make sure they provide a written signed statement or contract if you do any business with them. | Also search them out to find complaints. Paul said to me that they haven’t had any complaints. I’m a former home improvement contractor and knows a crook when I catch a certain action but I mostly did my own work and was handled a little backwards and forwards and then delayed to be switched from one man to another, and then shifted from the watch of the money to not producing what was promised. | This still is over charging by cutting down on the work materials and performance. Taking your money for purchasing materials and then not purchasing them, sneaking to steal, plus giving poor quality work and performance, shows extremely bad intentions and I have a problem with it. | So, you see, if you read this complaint closely and take notes of what was said and what was done, also what wasn’t done, compare everything, you will see for yourself, there are a lot of loose and crooked ends with the Roof Guyz. When I last spoke with Paul, I warned him that I would post this crooked practice on the Rip Off network and on Cork Boards. Roof Guyz Phone 7572375044


  • Name: Roof Guyz
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Virginia Beach
  • Address:
  • Phone: 757 237 5044
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