Ronald James Durand / Ron Durand ii Lincoln Nebraska


Complaint: RONALD DURAND TICKET SCAM TICKET SCAMMER AND FEDERAL FRAUDSTER> VERY DANGEROUS PERSON. Has been selling fake tickets for 15+ years and been federally convicted. His tickets are fake and he is a HARASSER if you dont buy his tickets. He uses the email [email protected] to solicit fake stuff and ask for PayPal payments. DO NOT open emails or deal with this guy under any circumstances. He is on parole and now has several restaining/harassment orders filed against him in multiple states in addition to several online ongoing investigations for ticket scams and false impersonation. If you DID get scammed by him know this is the same person and immediately report it to the FBI at or your local police as he has cases all over the US.

Tags: Bitcoin Fraud, Computer, Suspected Fraud, Tech Support

Address: Lincoln, Nebraska United States

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: (920) 427-7970

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By Sam Lala