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Absolutely bad experience at Chiswick Peugot who have done 3 searches on my credit file without my permission and even after I booked Peugot 208 black, they sold it to someone else without my permission even when I gave them £500 booking fee for the car. I’m left in a situation where I can’t go to my new job as it is entirely driving job and my finance won’t go through at any other company because of them. I have sent them several correspondence via email or phone but all I gwant t from them is rudeness and arrogant answers claiming they can’t do anything on it. Such a stress and bad experience with this company who do whatever they want to making false promises of delivery on a particular date. I have sent the following email to them to no response till now to it – Dear Sirs, I refer to my visit to Peugeot showroom, Robins & Day, Chiswick Roundabout, London W4 5QD on 06/04/2015. I was looking forward to buy a second hand Peugeot and had available cash whilst Peugeot convinced me to buy a new Peugeot 208 on 0% interest deal as I had to join my new job in Orpington on 20th April 2015 which mostly involves driving in and around London. I was promised by Nick Briggs that the car will be delivered to me not later than 20th April 2015 as it was still in transit and in the meantime, they will give me an alternate car for a week or so till my car comes so that before I join my job, I can practice driving as I am a new driver. Please note, I have also paid £500.00 as a booking fee on the same day. To my astonishment, I did not get any reply from anyone at the showroom for almost a week as promised and I never knew where the things were going. When I myself called the showroom for an update, the company representative Nick Briggs and Ahmed advised me that the finance did not go through. Adding further to my surprise, they did 3 searches from 3 different finance companies without my permission which has now done irreparable damage to my credit score. The Peugeot Company and its representatives have left me in a state where I have no car with me after I have joined my job and such a damage has been done to my credit file where I canít apply with any other company on a descent rate of interest. When I raised a complaint with your headquarters and the showroom as well, I was contacted by showroom manager ĎíMr x.íí who said he would give me a better deal of £11,800. When I advised him that I will consider this and let him know in a day, he got rude and said tomorrow is 2 years away, if you want to make a decision, make it today by end of business otherwise you can consider something else. This has further added to harassment to an ongoing unprofessional dealing on this case. I still donít have refund of my booking fee as requested. Iím very disappointed and stressed by the kind of service and attitude of Peugeot employees where they have done irreparable mistakes which will take some time to be amended now and with an unprofessional dealing on a sale which would have actually given Peugeot money. Please note, I would like you to have a look into this matter and explain me your findings which I can consider as a deadlock to report it further to Ombudsman/ Financial Conduct Authority. Best Regards Poonam Solanki .

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